Day 3: 20-Day Yoga Challenge – The Wheel of Fortune

Three days in and I can already feel a shift – physically as well as emotionally. But this morning I woke up feeling absolutely exhausted, sluggish, unprepared to get out of my comfy bed. I slept through my 7am alarm and hit the snooze button for a good half an hour before I slowly made my way out of the bedroom and into work mode.

After a good couple of hours I decided that I wasn’t going to do Duncan Peak’s sequence today, I was just too tired, and decided that I was going to take it easy on myself and do a practice in the evening. But then, around midday, I decided that I felt energetic and lively and wanted to give the class a go. So I did, and I’m sure glad I did too because it was a great class.

Sure, it’s the same recorded class every day. The same sequence, the same quotes and encouragements, but today I didn’t really hear them, I was too focused on my breath to let the repetitiveness of it affect me….too much anyway.

I also realised that I am holding on to a few things, some baggage that I haven’t really dealt with. I particularly noticed this during pigeon. The emotions started flowing during this pose, but it felt great and welcoming and nourishing. It also made me realise the masks I have been wearing lately. You know the ones, the ones that make the world think everything is ok. On the most part, everything is ok, but like everyone I am not always happy, I am not always together and I certainly am not the held-together person I try to portray myself as. I get angry, I throw tantrums (and books during said tantrums) and  while I am not perfect I would like to accept the beauty and the realness that is imperfection.

Kelli Prieu Image courtesy of Ingrid Schroder

Kelli Prieu Image courtesy of Ingrid Schroder


I read this gorgeous post on Elephant Journal by Kelli Prieur last night and it resonated with me, so I thought I would share. She eloquently shares her own imperfections and her own struggles with taking off her own various masks. Something I’m sure we all know something about.

So there you have it, Day 3 of my yoga challenge and already some interesting things are coming up. How are you going with your practice?

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